Planning A Successful City Event

OK, you’ve sent in your registration and NOW is the time to start planning your city event! Before you begin, we suggest you look over our 10 Tips to a Successful Singing Event. We have listed our top ideas and offer ways to maximize your event while minimizing challenges.

1. First, secure a good location for your event

Large or small, events that focus on performance, need a proper venue. Best bets are your school auditorium or church gathering space. Allow enough room for family and fans and give your contestants a chance to have an attentive audience. If your event is held outdoors, be sure to plan for weather related challenges. A festival tent is also great, provided there is space for audience seating and protection from the elements.

2. Components of the contest

You will need a small (or large) PA with at least one microphone. Don’t worry if you don’t have fancy sound gear. The main idea is to have sound to your audience and a functioning system to play a single CD that your contestant needs to supply. If your system allows you to accept mp3 files for your singers, be aware that they need a CD to compete at the Finals contest. Another top suggestion is providing a monitor for the singer. If you don’t have a dedicated monitor, you can tilt one of the main speakers in towards the singer so they can hear their backing tracks. Be careful not to place the singer too close, however, or you will experience that unpopular “squeal” or feedback from your system.

3.Schedule Your event inside another event

If you have a community celebration at 4th of July, have an annual celebration or festival, consider placing this event on that schedule to maximize your audience. You’ll probably have more contestants available as well and you can reduce the cost of promoting a stand-alone event.

4. Use the Minnesota Sings association

We will provide you with editable press releases and flyer templates that help you create identity with our state-wide promoted event. All you need to do is plug in your city name, contest details and sponsor logos, if needed, to have a well recognized promo piece with very little effort .

5. Choose a knowledgeable MC/Host

There will be someone in your community that has hosting/stage/MC experience and they can really make the event run smoothly. They can be someone from the Chamber or a media personality or a local musician. Radio hosts are great as are those from the business community. Make sure you pair them with a technical person that is responsible for playing the song and handling the electronics.

6. Use media connections to get the word out

With this type of contest, word of mouth is a great medium. Consider placing a link on Facebook or creating an e-blast to your city’s high school music program, arts community and library bulletin boards. If your community has a city website, place a notice seeking singers on their community page. For cities with community TV access, they may do a story on your event or post the details on their community programming. Local newspapers may have an interest and seek out your story as a community interest piece.

7. Make your event profitable

If you really want to promote this event, consider making it a special “big deal”. Do a red carpet, have sponsors provide a swag bag for contestants/winners, sell tickets to the event and have your MC wear a Tuxedo! Encourage fans to bring a sign cheering on their favorite singer. Have the local Cable Access interview the singers or televise the event if possible. Even if you have a free event, raise money by using a dime- a -vote system in naming an audience favorite (a jar for each contestant with proceeds donated to the local foodshelf). There’s many ways to bring sponsors in to take care of expenses involved with equipment or prize costs. You will also be provided with 2 tickets to the Minnesota Sings Final event. You may distribute or sell these tickets in whatever manner is best for you. Tickets at the event will be $10.00 each.

8. Make it FUN!

Your main objective is to send your winner on to the Minnesota Sings Finals. They will be the face/voice of your city and whatever you can do to keep the contest fun and non-stressful, will certainly be appreciated by your contestants. Keep the contest light and give as many singers as your timeline will allow , the opportunity to shine for their town.

9. Review the Minnesota Sings Contestant Requirements

Make sure your contestant signs the participation waiver.(Provided in registration e-package) If they are under 18, their guardian or parent must sign to be allowed to compete. Review the age requirements and check that your singer will be at least 15 but no older than 25 years of age on Sept.24, 2017. The singer can use a birth certificate, passport, driver’s license or state ID to confirm their age. Review the length of song (5 min. max) content (no profanity) and format ( again, a CD supplied by the singer) to assure your contest will be similar to the Final competition.

10.Choosing the Judges

This step can be made easier, if you delegate the decision to at least 2judges. They should be a combination of  persons with a musical connection. Make the decision a confidential one, and draft criteria that is equitable to all singers. You can use a 100 point system or follow the Finals criteria found on our Judges page. Keep in mind that these are amateur singers, so the judging should reflect the most weight on the quality of the voice, and not necessarily the polish of a seasoned performer.