FAQ’s-Frequently Asked Questions

A list of Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs will be updated to reflect feedback that we receive from cities, contestants and fans. Please check this page often for new information. More Updates Posted 9/16/17.

NEW- What should contestants wear?- Consider your performance as a job audition- you are representing your community, your school, yourself with the opportunity to present the best possible impression. There is no dress code, but contestants should want to have the judges and audience sit up and take notice! Some contestants wear formal attire, some, a suit, it’s all up to you and how you want to convey your total performance.

NEW- Should I make a City Pride Poster?-  Short answer — YES! Show off your great city by using photos or brochures or any creative way you can on a posterboard or display panel. We will place these hometown tributes around the lobby and visitors can see why you are glad to be #Singing4MyCity. An additional benefit is the decision to award $100 to the best poster. We will be posting them on social media so that your city can share your pride.

NEW-What is the timeline for the competition?-  The competition begins with the first group at 9:00. Each singer will perform according to a random drawing held right before they enter as a group.  Lunch Break, then back with more groups all afternoon. We hope to conclude those groups by 5:30, but this MAY take longer , so we appreciate your flexibility.  A break for supper and set up for the finals closes the ballroom until 6:45. All contestants will come to the ballroom with the judges announcing from their table, one by one, who will sing next. This is DIFFERENT THAN LAST YEAR. Your 10.00 ticket is good all day and also for the Finals.

NEW- Where do I get tickets and how can I pay?  At the door. We accept Cash and check only. Sorry, no credit cards, but an ATM is located in the lobby of the venue.

NEW-Do Contestants need to stay all day?-Officially , no. Once they are done with their preliminary performance, they are free to go UNTIL the group photo is taken at about 4:45 with all contestants.

NEW-How long before the program deadline?- CLOSED_ SEPT 1, 2017-

NEW-What City Performance Group Do I Compete in? The list is on the front page and will also be found on the Contestant Page in the drop down menu posted on Sept. 6th Contestants must arrive at the start of your group.

NEW-How are tickets priced?-$10-Each guest ages 12 and above must have a ticket to enter the event. Tickets are good for entire event and we will stamp your hand if you leave and return.

What is Minnesota Sings?- This competition is intended to allow amateur vocalists ages 15-25 the opportunity to represent the city where they live, work or attend school. It is a celebration of musical talent as well as a popular entertainment medium that will showcase the very best voices in our state.

How do I compete in Minnesota Sings?- REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED FOR THIS YEAR- Please contact your local Chamber of Commerce with your interest in becoming a contestant at the City Level of our competition for 2018.  You MUST be registered with a city competition to advance to the State level of Minnesota Sings. This can also be accomplished, if the Chamber chooses not to sponsor a contest, by an individual or group providing the entry fee -$75- and registering their singer first in that city.

Where do we find promotion and updates about the city events?- As cities register, we will ask that they send us the date, sponsor and location of their city competition. We will post a state list of competitions on a separate page on this site. Also, make sure to connect with Twitter- @minnesotasings & #Singing4MyCity as well as Facebook- Minnesota Sings Vocal Competition.

Is there a cost for contestants to enter Minnesota Sings?- A fee of $75.00 is paid by the community sponsor (Chamber of Commerce or other sponsor) for inclusion in the State Final. Cities MAY choose to charge a small fee in the city competition. Please contact your Chamber of Commerce for their individual city contest information. There is no additional fee if you are selected to represent your city in the State Finals of Minnesota Sings.

What will your city contest be called?- We ask that you call your city level contest  ” (our city name) Sings. This will aid in state wide marketing and recognition of the association your contest has with Minnesota Sings Vocal Competition. Have your organizer send us the details of your event and we will create a flyer and poster templates to use when promoting your contest. We need Where , When , Who will sponsor, Time and any other details. Send to info@minnesotasings.com

Can someone besides a city Chamber of Commerce sponsor a singer? That decision is up to each city. If the Chamber of Commerce chooses to designate a local school, church, civic group, service group, etc as their city contest organizer, Minnesota Sings will recognize that entity as the city contact. Cities MUST register that information with Minnesota Sings to assure space is reserved for them. BOTH the winner AND the runner up will compete at the State Finals.

When will we receive our city package? All cities who have sent in their registration form and participation fee will receive their electronic files including editable flyer if you’d like one that is already designed. The City winner AND runner up, do not require a ticket to attend.

After we hold our city contest, then what?- Please provide the name of the winner AND runner up along with a 3×3 headshot (like a typical school pic) of both contestants to us at info@minnesotasings.com as soon as possible.