Printable Forms and Documents

UPDATED 3/10/17- This page will be a resource for e-forms and documents that you may need to complete registration with this year’s event. Highlighted form will use standard .pdf format. If you experience difficulty in downloading these forms, please contact us at

1. 2017 Minnesota Sings City invitation letter- CityOverviewLetter2017
2. 2017 Minnesota Sings City registration  form MinnesotaSings_Registration2017

3. Sample of Editable Waiver- Insert City name and current date-EditableWaiver17

4. Sample of City Flyer to advertise your City Sings Event-SampleMinnesotaSingsFlyer

We can customize YOUR city flyer- just provide us with contact info, date, time and location and we’ll email you a completed flyer to use for your competition.

5.Sample of Judging Sheet for City Competitions-CityJudgesScoreSheet_Sample

6. 10 Tips for success- Ideas and suggestions to make your city competition work for you (This list has been posted in the site menu under the Registered Cities Tab)

7. Minnesota Sings Previous Year Finals Programs- available to ship. Cost is 3.50. Includes P&H. Specify 2014,15 or 16.

8. Minnesota Sings LogoWear- Heavyweight Tshirts-  15.00 each. Colors- Black, Blue, Avacado, Pink and Tan- Minnesota Sings Logo across front- S,M,L, XL