City Sings Competition Photos- 2017

Minnetonka Sings ContestantsSingers get ready to compete in Minnetonka Sings!
MinnetonkaBandShelterBeautiful Bandshell for the Minnetonka Sings Venue! A perfect weather day as well!
Minnetonka_Clara_AmandaWinners Clara and Amanda will Sing for Their City!

On this page, we are featuring some of the cities we have been fortunate enough to visit. For summer festivals, you can’t beat outdoor venues such as the beautiful bandshell that provided a big stage for the contestants at Minnetonka Sings. Many types of sponsors hosts each city event. Thanks to the Glen Lake Optimist Club for holding Minnetonka Sings. They are a service group whose mission is bringing out the best in youth. They had a perfect day for their event!


StJames_SportsAndSingingThis contestant auditioned in between softball games. Sports and Singing- it can be done!
JimNeid HeidiSpitzner
Thanks to Jim Neid and Heidi Spitzner for coordinating the St. James Sings Contest this year!

ST. JAMES SINGS- 2017-Our lead volunteer was also able to attend the St. James Sings which was held as part of Railroad Days. This year one of the singers from last year was the MC! Thanks to their work, they now have representatives that will sing for their city in September. Thanks to the cities that hold this opportunity for their local talent- we can’t wait to hear them at the State Competition in September!

Winners from St. James Sings Mackinzee and Shannon

Thanks to volunteer judges at St. James Sings event! Each made sure to consider all aspects of the performance to select the winners.




Harmony Sings -All Contestants

Contestants for Harmony Sings. Lots of different styles and song choices.


The crowd of family and friends of Harmony Sings.








HARMONY SINGS- JULY 2nd- This town of just 1,020 residents held their event in the Old Legion Hall and welcomed 6 contestants to the first ever Event.

A note to other Sings Cities, it doesn’t take a great deal of equipment or even space to host a Sings Competition. A flyer that lets everyone know when, where and how to connect with organizers is key. Minnesota Sings will create those flyers when you send your info to us. Then choose judges who have knowledge of vocal music and can use the judging template to score on 4 main criteria- Vocal Quality, Audience Appeal, Presentation and Judge’s Overall Impression. This is the same judges sheet used in the State Competition.

MC Lane Powell introduced the contestants and kept the program moving.

MC Lane Powell introduced the contestants and kept the program moving along.

Something in the name of this city seemed to be right for holding a Sings event!

Something in the name of this city seemed to be right for holding a Sings event!


Jane Kingsley also helped with Harmony Sings, the first year of the event.

A Big thank you goes out to Jane Kingsley of Kingsley Mercantile. Thank you for all your hard work on Harmony Sings!












A simple PA with a microphone is fine, or you may choose to use the set up from an act that follows or precedes your event. Monitors are great, and vocalists appreciate them, but if you can’t make that happen, use what you can to give your contestants a chance to be heard.  Thanks to our volunteer Chuck who has visited 6 Sings events this summer. We love seeing how each city approaches the opportunity to advance 2 singers to represent their community. See you in September!

Thanks to the panel of judges who helped choose the winners.

Thanks to the panel of judges who helped choose the winners of Harmony Sings.

These singers will represent Harmony in September!

These singers will represent Harmony in September!








BUFFALO SINGS- Held in June, this was the first time this city has participated in a Sings qualifying event. The hillside venue was a perfect place to watch and hear the contestants perform. Congratulations to the winners Abby and Justine who advanced on to the Minnesota Sings competition.

Crowd gathers for Buffalo Sings Competition

Crowd gathers for Buffalo Sings Competition


Abby and Justine will represent Buffalo in September.

Abby-Chuck Spavin-Justine

Buffalo Sings welcomed lead Minnesota Sings Volunteer Chuck Spavin.


Thanks to the Chamber organizers who helped advance two voices from Buffalo to the State Competition!